Account Services

The Bank of O'Fallon offers a variety of services to complement our Deposit and Loan Products 
Account activity printout
$ 5.00
Account balancing assistance and reconciliation per hour
(1 hour minimum assessed - payment must be paid in advance)
Printed checks (fee depends on the style of check you buy)
Safe Deposit Boxes  Varies
Document and microfilm copies per page
$ 5.00
Non-sufficient funds check (NSF or other withdrawal attempt per occurrence)
Overdrafts (per item and/or occurrence)
Lost Certificate of Deposit
Lost Passbook Savings
Research per hour-
(1 hour minimum assessed - payment must be paid in advance)
Stop Payment ACH/or Check
Returned deposited item
$ 5.00
Collection fee on check
Outgoing wire transfer (each)
Counter (temporary) check
$ 0.25
Garnishment & Levies - Greater of $25.00 or 2% of amount
No lock zipper bag
Night Depository Lock Bag
Official Check or Cashier's Check
$ 5.00
Money Order 
$ 2.00
Overdraft protection (per occurrence)
$ 5.00
Special handling of returns or collections
Redeposit of returns
$ 1.00
Photocopy (per copy)
Dormant Savings Account
Merchant Credit Card
Coupons (per envelope)
Traveler's Checks
Checks for two - 1 1/2 % of amount purchased
Regular Checks - 1 % of amount purchased

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